Expressions of Interest

The Water and Food Efficiency Award would like to gather all the minds in water and food production to work out what the world needs to do to secure our water and food for the future. We’re living in a time of great change because the world population has reached seven billion and we need to find ways to use our scarce resources efficiently.

This award will recognise achievements in water and food production and foster an understanding of how different stakeholders can help each other in achieving great things. Our world needs visionaries and inventors to overcome the technical difficulties of food production and water shortages. As we can see in areas affected by El NiƱo, there are great social, economic and physiological consequences to running out of water and food.

As we move into the middle of the 21st century, the challenges we face will become greater. Our priority right now and above all else should be to ensure the well-being of all. To not do so, is to not be human. To fulfil our humanitarian obligations, it’s important we have a detailed roadmap of how we’re going to overcome these challenges.

We haven’t got close to our full potential with the resources we have tapped so far, so there are room for improvements in efficiency. The goal of these awards is to encourage our best efforts in achieving greater efficiency in food production and water conservation.

Further to the goal, we want to encourage transparency and openness in innovation. This means we will be publishing the details on potential technologies we can use to meet our great challenges.

The award is not a cut throat competition. We will showcase the ideas generated and promote multiple winning ideas.

To conclude this post, I welcome anyone with an interest in submitting an application or an expert who would like to be a judge to get in contact. Please click on the contact us page and fill in the form.

Dr Holly Haviland