Handling Water Scarcity

Even though most of the world is covered in water, there is little freshwater on earth and most of that is locked up in ice near the poles. We have very little usable freshwater, so we have to use it wisely. To use it wisely, we must use it in the most efficient ways. Saving […]

Welcome Back

I’ve just been on a week long adventure through central Australia, one of the driest places on planet Earth. There are vast deserts and not much rain, but there are plenty of species thriving in the outback. Even in the middle of the outback there are rivers. They might not be flowing all the time, […]


Overpopulation can occur in any species, but in this post I will only discuss human overpopulation. In fact, overpopulation is more worrying in non-human species because of their inability to use artificial birth control or their awareness of the problem. Every species has a limit to how many individuals can exist because their food supply […]

Increasing Crop Yields

Crop yields are closely related to farm productivity. By producing more with the same resources, farms can lower costs and lower their reliance on natural resources. We want crop yields to be optimal instead of being the greatest. The difference being an optimal crop yield uses the resources given to it in the most productive […]

Expressions of Interest

The Water and Food Efficiency Award would like to gather all the minds in water and food production to work out what the world needs to do to secure our water and food for the future. We’re living in a time of great change because the world population has reached seven billion and we need […]